I'm Jason, a web applications developer in the Denver, Colorado area.

MBox and Linux Test Server

Well. I hooked up the MBox last night, and just like before but even more disappointing, the damn thing is still creating a digital hum and static, triggered by the movements of the mouse and the processing of programs. I don’t know if its some sort of electrical interference, a bad USB cable, or both.

I hope I can find the solution. The first thing I’m going to do is replace the cable and try to clean the connectors in the MBox.

I got the web server running on my little Linux test server. I was hosting on the server that this website is hosted on for a while, but recently I moved the DNS hosting onto my server, along with

I currently have various videos hosted off this server. They are available from the old site - Misc Videos

I’m going to continue to work on as a Linux tutorial site. I want to provide to others the solutions to the obstacles I meet and have overcome. I don’t know if other people will have the same issues I’m having, and I am trying to read the manual, but oh well.

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