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RSpec Controller Tests Receiving 'No route matches' Error

I’m developing a Rails engine gem for the company I’m working for, which will provide an API for the applications we’re using. The gem I’m creating will be used with a Rails 3.0.9 system, using Rspec-Rails version 2.10.1. I had a route to my API interface setup in the config/routes.rb file like so:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  match '/companyname/api_name' => 'CompanyName/ApiName/ControllerName#apimethod'

When I added a ‘get’ request call to my controller test, I was getting this error:

Failure/Error: get :apimethod
  No route matches {:controller=>"company_name/api_name/controller_name", :action=>"apimethod"}

I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to get my test to work. Different versions of Rspec, redefining my route using nested scopes, etc.

It turns out I just needed to redefine my route in underscore case so that RSpec could match it with an existing route that was defined.

match '/companyname/api_name' => 'company_name/api_name/controller_name#index'

I guess Rspec controller tests use a reverse lookup based on underscore case, and not camelcase). Rails will setup and interpret the route if you define it in either case though.

Seems so simple now that I know the answer. Hopefully I’ll save someone else time with this post.

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