I'm Jason, a web application developer in East Tennessee.

Creating a Gem

In the past gems were created manually, or generated using the echoe gem (last release Sept 21, 2011), or the Jeweler gem (last release November 7, 2011).

Since then it appears that the most automated way to create a gem is by using Bundler, via the bundle gem command.

$ bundle gem my_tools
      create  my_tools/Gemfile
      create  my_tools/Rakefile
      create  my_tools/LICENSE
      create  my_tools/
      create  my_tools/.gitignore
      create  my_tools/my_tools.gemspec
      create  my_tools/lib/my_tools.rb
      create  my_tools/lib/my_tools/version.rb
Initializating git repo in /Users/jsmith/Sites/my_tools
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