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Languages Supported by Github Flavored Markdown

NOTE: This post updated on 12/08/2020

I’m currently configuring the Yard documentation tool for use with Ruby/Rails projects. I could see that it’s possible to create a .yardopts file in the main directory for your Rails application, and simply add command line arguments to the file.

I just discovered that you can add a list of files, likely placed under the ‘doc’ directory, to your .yardopts file, and those files will be included in your generated documentation set. This is perfect for changelogs, readme files, and other high level documentation. After installing the Redcarpet gem, you can name these files with the ‘.md’ extension to use Markdown formatting on your documentation.

After further investigation I discovered that Yard supports Github Flavored Markdown, with support for syntax highlighting of a number of different languages. This is accomplished by wrapping your code with lines that consist of three backticks, with the first line suffixed by the language name.

this = "Ruby Code"
puts "This is #{this}"

Unfortunately the Github docs refer you to this hightlight.js test page for the list of supported languages.

Github uses Linguist to perform language detection and syntax highlighting. Here a list of common languages that can be used with the backtick (see full list in Linguist - languages.yml).

  • actionscript3
  • apache
  • applescript
  • asp
  • brainfuck
  • c
  • cfm
  • clojure
  • cmake
  • coffee-script, coffeescript, coffee
  • cpp - C++
  • cs
  • csharp
  • css
  • csv
  • bash
  • diff
  • elixir
  • erb - HTML + Embedded Ruby
  • go
  • haml
  • http
  • java
  • javascript
  • json
  • jsx
  • less
  • lolcode
  • make - Makefile
  • markdown
  • matlab
  • nginx
  • objectivec
  • pascal
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • python
  • profile - python profiler output
  • rust
  • salt, saltstate - Salt
  • shell, sh, zsh, bash - Shell scripting
  • scss
  • sql
  • svg
  • swift
  • rb, jruby, ruby - Ruby
  • smalltalk
  • vim, viml - Vim Script
  • volt
  • vhdl
  • vue
  • xml - XML and also used for HTML with inline CSS and Javascript
  • yaml
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