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Sidekiq with Cloud66

I had to configure a Rails application using Sidekiq as the background job processor with Cloud66 recently.

We’re currently only using Cloud66 with our staging server. The following configuration in a Procfile in the root of our repository with the following configuration worked fine.

worker: bundle exec sidekiq -e $RAILS_ENV -C config/sidekiq.yml -i {{UNIQUE_INT}}

This was derived from the instructions in the How to run Background processes guide.

Cloud66 manages the worker processes cnofigured in this manner using the BluePill gem.

You can log into your server using the CX toolbelt and use the following commands to inspect the status of the worker processes.

# check status of running processes
sudo bluepill status

# view log for worker
sudo bluepill log user_worker_1

Worker configuration in the form of .pill files are located on the server within /etc/bluepill/autoload. Worker logs are stored in the logs folder for the application (e.g. /var/deploy/heroiq/web_head/current/log/user_worker_1.log).

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