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Updating Vue-Loader to v15 with Webpacker

I recently decided to jump into working with VueJS again within the context of a project I’m working on that uses Rails 5 with Webpacker.

I upgraded Webpacker from v3.6 to v4.2.2, Vue from v2.5.16 to v2.6.11, and Vue-Loader from v14.2.2 to v15.9.0.

After making this update I got the following error:

ERROR in ./app/javascript/my_pack/components/App.vue
Module Error (from ./node_modules/vue-loader/lib/index.js):
vue-loader was used without the corresponding plugin. Make sure to include
VueLoaderPlugin in your webpack config.
Error: vue-loader was used without the corresponding plugin. Make sure to
include VueLoaderPlugin in your webpack config. at Object.module.exports

I was able to identify that I needed to make some configuration changes after updatiing Vue-Loader from v14 to v15.

I’m a bit rusty on how to navigate the Node/JS eco-system, and the documentation on Webpack doesn’t apply to the Rails method of configuring the app with Webpacker.

I recall that after I first setup this Rails app to use Vue with Webpacker that I had to use the following rake task to configure it to use Vue:

bundle exec rails webpacker:install:vue

I wasn’t able to resolve this error until I applied these modifications to config/webpack/environment.js.

I didn’t want to miss any other updates to the boilerplate configuration, nor do I want my own modifications overwritten. So what I recommend you do to upgrade is to make any commits in Git before re-running the above rake task again. Here’s what I got from the output:

$ bundle exec rails webpacker:install:vue
Copying vue loader to config/webpack/loaders
    conflict  config/webpack/loaders/vue.js
Overwrite /Users/jason/Projects/seed/config/webpack/loaders/vue.js? (enter "h" for help) [Ynaqdhm] Y
       force  config/webpack/loaders/vue.js
Adding vue loader plugin to config/webpack/environment.js
      insert  config/webpack/environment.js
      insert  config/webpack/environment.js
Adding vue loader to config/webpack/environment.js
      insert  config/webpack/environment.js
      insert  config/webpack/environment.js
Updating webpack paths to include .vue file extension
File unchanged! The supplied flag value not found!  config/webpacker.yml
Copying the example entry file to /Users/jason/Projects/seed/app/javascript/packs
      create  app/javascript/packs/hello_vue.js
Copying Vue app file to /Users/jason/Projects/seed/app/javascript/packs
      create  app/javascript/app.vue
Installing all Vue dependencies
         run  yarn add vue vue-loader vue-template-compiler from "."

Expect that it will duplicate certain modifications it makes, but if you use git diff on the modified files afterwards you can surely detect these and fix them.

$ git diff config/webpack/environment.js
diff --git a/config/webpack/environment.js b/config/webpack/environment.js
index 08d2baf..0f3a57d 100644
--- a/config/webpack/environment.js
+++ b/config/webpack/environment.js
@@ -1,8 +1,12 @@
 const { environment } = require("@rails/webpacker")
 const { VueLoaderPlugin } = require("vue-loader")
 const vue = require("./loaders/vue")
+const { VueLoaderPlugin } = require("vue-loader")
+const vue = require("./loaders/vue")

 environment.loaders.append("vue", vue)
 environment.plugins.prepend("VueLoaderPlugin", new VueLoaderPlugin())

+environment.plugins.prepend("VueLoaderPlugin", new VueLoaderPlugin())
+environment.loaders.prepend("vue", vue)
 module.exports = environment

I already manually added ‘.vue’ under ‘extensions’ in the config/webpacker.yml file. I deleted app/javascript/app.vue and app/javascript/packs/hello_vue.js because I don’t need them. Now I’m no longer getting the error from ./bin/webpack-dev-server.

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