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  1. PHP Not Parsing on Debian / Ubuntu server with Apache2

    My friend Marshall was recently having issues getting PHP5 installed and working on his Ubuntu server, which is a Debian based distribution.

    We updated all the packages involved…Apache2, php5, libapache2-mod-php5, made sure the module was installed, restarted Apache2, etc. Nothing worked.

    It turns out that the default php5.conf configuration for Debian / Ubuntu’s packages are using an incorrect syntax. Edit /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5 conf to reflect:

  2. Dell Dimension 3000 - Audio is Choppy

    At work I have a Dell Dimension 3000 workstation, and for months I’ve put up with the computer being kind of slow. I just figured it was due to the computer being kind of old…but I brought in some headphones so I could do some serious music listening while I work and just got fed up with the way the sound was choppy. Anytime I’d do anything processor intensive the music I was listening to in Grooveshark (which I highly recommend you check out) would sound like crap.

    So I installed the latest sound driver from for the integrated sound card and still after rebooting it sucked. Also when I start the computer up in the morning, I would have to wait like 3 minutes at least for all the startup programs to load. Nothing else would open until this was done.

  3. Un-Hide Someone in Facebook

    My aunt recently asked me how to un-hide someone from the news feed for her Facebook account.

    Facebook hide news feed

    Like many other people before her, she’s pressed the ‘Hide’ button for someone, then realized it was a mistake…but couldn’t find out how to unhide them.

    To add someone back to your Facebook news feed, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Edit Options’ link for your news feed.

  4. Selenium - no display specified

    I’m not very experienced with X-windows on the Linux platform, so I’m not too skilled in troubleshooting issues with the display. I recently upgraded an Ubuntu system at work to use Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope), which only has Firefox 3 available (no package for Firefox 2). I had a Selenium server setup running tests, but they stopped working after I upgraded to this newer version of Ubuntu.

    I thought that perhaps Selenium wasn’t compatible with version 3 of Firefox, but this isn’t the case. The Selenium website says ‘Firefox 2+’ for browsers running on Linux.

  5. Common Computer Mistakes

    Whether you are an individual, or a startup business, you’ll more than likely have a website or a computer. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with personal computers (PCs and Macs), and I’ve also worked at a website hosting company, HostDime.

    I’ve often cringed due to the negligence of individuals and/or companies regarding the following items. Here are some tips to save you from large losses.

  6. Rounded Corners

    One of the most popular Web 2.0 practices is rounded corners. How do you get them without uploading images, and nesting DIV’s, and worrying about other complications that can break your precious rounded corners?

    Answer! jQuery Corners

    jQuery Corners is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari (including iPhone), Google Chrome, and Opera 9.0.

  7. Database Schema Information

    It can be very useful to have the database table schema information available to you when you are working on a model in a Ruby on Rails application. There is a plugin available which provides the schema information in comments at the top of each model called Annotate Models Plugin.

    # == Schema Information
    # Schema version: 20090215021706
    # Table name: orders
    #  id                     :integer(11)     not null, primary key
    #  order_number           :integer(11)     default(0), not null
    #  created_on             :datetime
    #  shipped_on             :datetime
    #  order_user_id          :integer(11)
    #  order_status_code_id   :integer(11)     default(1), not null
    #  notes                  :text
    #  referer                :string(255)
    #  order_shipping_type_id :integer(11)     default(1), not null
    #  product_cost           :float           default(0.0)
    #  shipping_cost          :float           default(0.0)
    #  tax                    :float           default(0.0), not null
    #  auth_transaction_id    :string(255)
    #  promotion_id           :integer(11)     default(0), not null
    #  shipping_address_id    :integer(11)     default(0), not null
    #  billing_address_id     :integer(11)     default(0), not null
    #  order_account_id       :integer(11)     default(0), not null
    #  subscription_id        :integer(11)

  8. PHP Compilation

    I’m pretty proud of myself. I just configured PHP to compile without any problems…well no imap support, but that can wait.

    I saw that someone asked how to resolve the problem, but had no answer, and then I realized with the help of an answer from someone else on a messageboard that you have to install the development version of the libraries to compile certain support into a program.

    Here is my chance to give back to the Linux world by helping another newbie out (without acting like I was above him or anything, just a newbie helping a newbie).

    See Post

  9. MBox and Linux Test Server

    Well. I hooked up the MBox last night, and just like before but even more disappointing, the damn thing is still creating a digital hum and static, triggered by the movements of the mouse and the processing of programs. I don’t know if its some sort of electrical interference, a bad USB cable, or both.

    I hope I can find the solution. The first thing I’m going to do is replace the cable and try to clean the connectors in the MBox.

    I got the web server running on my little Linux test server. I was hosting on the server that this website is hosted on for a while, but recently I moved the DNS hosting onto my server, along with

  10. PHP/MySQL Bug Tracking

    For anyone who needs a free web based Bug Tracking system programmed using PHP/MySQL, check out Flyspray.

    I searched very far to find a web based program to track the bugs in the website I work on in ASP/MS-SQL. I know PHP/MySQL so I was able to setup this bug tracker, and fortunately I can modify it to do things I need it to do.

    Its features appear to be good enough for tracking bugs in actual software, and it can be setup to suit those debugging web based software.