I'm Jason, a web application developer in East Tennessee.

  1. Objective C Notes

    I’m exploring Objective C right now. There are some things that I notice and am curious about, so I’m going to note what I find here.

  2. Recommended Sublime 3 Packages

    If you haven’t already switched to Vim, and you’re hacking everything out from the command line, you might want to check out Sublime Text 3. Sublime Text is supported for Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows.

  3. Setting up PostgreSQL for Rails

    I’ve always used either SQLite (the default) with new Rails projects, or I’ve used MySQL because I’ve been using it ever since 2002 when I started doing web development with PHP. Recently however I was challenged with deploying an application to Heroku as part of a code challenge I’m taking part in. Unfortunately, Heroku doesn’t support SQLite, and recommends PostgreSQL. Rather than waste time trying to create a MySQL app and running into problems, I’m going to go the easy route and use PostgreSQL.

  4. ComputerName: not set

    I recently installed Oh-my-Zsh on a new Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion. When I opened up my terminal, I received the message “ComputerName: not set”.

    I tried to use the ‘sudo hostname’ command, but this didn’t seem to work. I ended up opening System Preferences -> Sharing, and then set my Computer Name.

  5. Bundler Definitions

    I’m currently starting work on a Ruby gem, Github profile for Annotate Gemfile, that will grab the title, description, homepage URL, or source URL for every defined gem, and then add them as an annotation / commented for each gem definition in the Gemfile.

    As part of this exploration, I’m digging into the source for Bundler to try an understand how it imports details on the gems from the Gemfile, how it queries for details on each from RubyGems. Here are some discoveries I’m making.

  6. Yard Documentation

    Here are my own notes for using Yard to provide the Ruby API documentation and other notes for your application.

  7. Exploring Bundler Commands

    You may be used to using ‘bundle install’ or ‘bundle exec’ often, but here are some commands you might have forgotten about or never heard of.

  8. Paperclip URL and Path

    I’m trying to configure my application so that it stores files in S3 by default when my application is running in the Production Rails environment, with local file storage and a customized file path for development and test environments. Here is my configuration.

  9. Open Source Ideas

    I’ve become aware of how important it is to provide a portfolio of things to share with prospective employers. Having a Github profile that shows off all the Gists and public repositories you’ve contributed to serves as a perfect portfolio piece.

    Most of the work I’ve done has been on private systems however, and I’ve discarded the code, because I don’t own it and don’t want legal trouble. So what can I do that is practical, helpful, and/or fun!?

    Here is my list of pet project ideas that I plan on doing in the future.

  10. Precompiling Rails 4 Assets When Deploying to Heroku

    I’m working on a Rails 4.0.0 application, using Ruby 2.0.0 for a code challenge I’m working on. Part of this challenge is to deploy my application to Heroku. I haven’t done this before, as I’m accustomed to deploying to a VPS with Capistrano.