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Use the man command to read more about any of the following commands.

For example, you can read more about the file command by running man file.

Misc commands

# Discover a files type (text, executable, etc)
file /bin/bash

# Create Tar Gzip archive
tar -cvzf archive.tar.gz /path/to/folder/

# scan network for hosts
sudo nmap -sS -O -v 192.168.0/24

# View Manual Page for Executable Utility
man cp

# Search for Manuals by Keyword
man -k directories

# view calendar


# reveal 10 lines before, and 20 lines after matching line for context
grep -B10 -A20 'HTTP 404' /path/to/file


# view running processes, including threads
top -H


# list the sudo privileges for the current user
sudo -l



# Create a named session
tmux new -s session_name

# List sessions
tmux list-sessions
tmux ls

# Attach to a session
tmux attach -t session_name

# List info
tmux info

# List tmux commands
tmux list-commands

# List configured key bindings and commands
tmux list-keys

Key Bindings

  • CTRL + B (the “PREFIX”)
  • PREFIX % - Split panes vertically
  • PREFIX " - Split panes horizontally
  • PREFIX arrow_key - Move to another pane
  • PREFIX + arrow_key - Hold the prefix while pressing to resize pane
  • PREFIX z - Toggle between pane and fullscreen
  • PREFIX c - Open a new window
  • PREFIX number_key - Switch to a window by number
  • PREFIX l - Toggle between current and last window
  • PREFIX d - Detach from session