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Rails Testing

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These may be helpful to some, but truthfully I highly recommend learning how to use Rspec instead. The tests are much easier to read and write. You can use Rspec Rails for Ruby on Rails projects, and have the ability to test your controllers separate from your views. It even has tests for routes, just in case you might need them.

# Run Test Unit Test
ruby -Itest test/unit/post_test.rb

# Run Test Unit Test Method
ruby -Itest test/unit/post_test.rb -n test_the_truth

# Run a specific RSpec file
rspec spec/models/post_spec.rb

# Run a specific example group (using line number) in RSpec file
rspec spec/models/post_spec.rb:545

# Run a specific Cucumber feature
cucumber features/manage_posts.feature

# Run a specific Cucumber scenario (using line number) in feature file
cucumber features/manage_posts.feature:33