I'm Jason, a web application developer in East Tennessee.


The pages which make up this course are intended for people who are completely new to website programming. They are designed to provide an explanation of the concepts which experienced web developers are already aware of, and thus provide the prerequisite material needed for a person to jump into a book on Ruby on Rails without being completely lost. In the case of this site, the articles are intended to serve as the prerequisite for the Rails 3 In Action book by Ryan Bigg and Yehuda Katz, which are available in print or ebook versions.

As you go through the articles that make up this course you are going to encounter a large number of acronyms. The number of acronyms can be overwhelming, so we ask that you keep in mind that as you work with various website technologies these terms become common. Not all website developers are 100% fluent in the details of every technology, and all developers certainly reference articles on the internet when details on a technology are needed...especially when it comes to coding syntax.

This course attempts to provide some simple explanations for technologies which can be explained with much more immense detail. If more detail is wanted, simply use the links provided which should mostly point to the corresponding article, although Wikipedia articles can be extremely dry and just as confusing. Feel free to use the 'Contact' page to provide me with any feedback or confusion you may be experiencing from these articles so that I may further elaborate on areas which are still not clearly explaining the needed concepts.